Frequent Questions

What can I expect at your church services?

If you visit Calvary, you'll find a welcoming group of friends that genuinely care about your needs. At our Sunday services, you'll enjoy beautiful music through our adult choir, special groups, and congregational hymns. Our Wednesday evening service is a prayer meeting, as we pray for the specific needs of our church family and visitors, and Bible study, as Pastor Broyhill leads us through portions of the Bible. We hold special services for the children and teens; learn about these through the children and youth links on this website.

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How can I become a member of Calvary Baptist Church?

By Profession of Faith and Baptism:

If you will receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord and follow Him in baptism by immersion, we welcome you into our fellowship.

By Letter from Another Fellowship:

If your church membership is elsewhere, should God direct you here, the following things are necessary. You must be sure you have Christ in your heart as your Savior. You must have been baptized by immersion after your salvation experience. You may make your desire known by coming forward during any invitation. We will happily take care of appropriate details for transferring your membership.

By Statement:

In the event church membership records are not available for a transfer of membership, and you have been baptized by immersion, we will accept you upon your statement of these conditions. You may express your desire to fulfill any of the above by presenting yourself during the invitation at the close of each worship service. Any decision assumes your commitment to being faithful in prayer and participation in our Lord's work at Calvary Baptist Church.


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